what happened to vidnami

What happened to vidnami & Vidnami Replacement, Competitors

Those of you who are old Vidnami users will find this information shocking. Vidnami was recently acquired by Godaddy. Vidnami helped YouTubers become more successful by growing their income through video marketing.

Vidnami’s artificial intelligence capabilities have been integrated into Godaddy Studio to benefit Godaddy’s customers. Vidnami, an Austrian-based SaaS company, was unable to offer its services to both Godaddy and its existing customers. Vidnami Co-Founders announced that they are shutting down the service for existing customers. In the Facebook group, they also advised that customers discuss Vidnami alternatives.

During that time, many entrepreneurs were using Vidnami to scale their businesses through video marketing. Pete Bennet was among the group members who told others he would bring a replacement for Vidnami. Pictory.ai, the best alternative to Vidnami, was finally released after a few months

Pictory.ai as Vidnami Replacement

When Pictory was founded, it faced challenges due to Vidnami’s artificial intelligence. Fortunately, Pictory has now completely replaced Vidnami. It now has the same video production capabilities as Vidnami.

Using pictory ai you can convert script into video in a few clicks. The voiceovers offered by Pictory are of a high quality.

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