Vidnami has been acquired by GoDaddy studio. I have used many software like vidnami as its alternative and I found Pictory is the best.

This is an old article. To read a new article on Pictory read this post. PICTORY AI Review and Coupon

Welcome to pictory review 2021. I will reveal all the features of pictory in this article. Imagine selecting few photos and converting them into great and meaningful videos, yes now you can give a clear message through your videos created with pictory.

Pictory is an online video creation application. It is totally web-based application so you don’t have you install any software. Pictory’s smartest AI engine will convert your script into eye-catching video in a few minutes. All you need is to write down the script for the video.Pictory uses artificial intelligence to read the text and select the best video clip for that text. This feature is called intelligent clip selection powered by pictory.

Pictory also can automatically transcribe your clips and creates captions for your videos. You don’t have to learn video editing, Yes without knowing video editing you can create a stunning video for your YouTube channel or for your clients.

What is Pictory ai and How does it Works?

Pictory converts your articles or scripts into video by using its AI engine. When you put your script in pictory, then pictory smartest engines will analyze each sentence and based on that sentence it will create scenes for you.

Pictory has more than 790,000 video clips from story blocks that’s why pictory is the best. It will give you the best scene according to scripts. So it will generate scenes one by one and then you may preview them in a video.Pictory also allows you to use royalty-free music. You can add music to your video or you may add an Auto voiceover.

14 Days Pictory Free Trial & Sign Up

Pictory is the world’s best and smartest online video creation platform. And remember best things are always not free. Don’t be sad there is 14 days trial. Start your pictory trial, it has all the features of paid version except you cannot produce video without a watermark. Yes, there will be Pictory’s watermark on your video. The second thing you cannot use Auto voiceovers in trial versions.

Pictory ai Pricing, discounts and Mega Deals.

Pictory comes with regular pricing of $47 per month but you can grab your 25% Lifetime discount by using the below link to purchase.So if you buy pictory at the normal price then yearly it will be $564.Buying through this link will save you ($35*12=420) $564-$420=$144. After purchasing just email me and get 100 free thumbnails PSD files from my side. (If you only purchase with my affiliate links)

Vidnmai is offering a 40% mega discount for a lifetime with premium stuff for free download.

Pictory ai Alternatives?

There are few alternatives of pictory and it including Lumen5 and invideo.io.In Lumen5 you can generate free videos but there will be watermark on the video and the same thing happens to invideo.io videos.If you compare their AI engines then you can differentiate between these platforms because pictory is the smartest one.

However, Lumen5 has large library of media and Invideo has the largest library of templates.

What kind of videos can be created by using pictory?

There are royalty-free templates for

Content Video

Content Videos are great for camera-shy Youtubers. Although it is very cheap because you don’t have to buy an expensive camera and setting up a studio. All you need is to buy pictory subscription. I have seen great channels that use pictory for YouTube videos.

Influencer Video

If you are an influencer then go for pictory. It has very clean and professional templates for influencer videos.

Training/Course Videos

Great for training videos. A lot of templates with different text positions are available in pictory.

Instant Ads

Pictory is a great source for creating instant ads either by yourself or for your clients. Even my friend has started a gig on fiver and he is earning a good income by selling instant ads video.

Property Videos

Again if you are a Property agent and looking for leads. Use pictory to promote your listings.

Live Webcam Recording Feature:

vidnami review

Pictory just introduced a new feature of webcam recording into your pictory dashboard.

Pictory Tutorial Video

Here is a series of tutorial. There are more than 50 videos. Pictory user interface is so simple that you will never need any tutorials for video generation.

Pictory Pros & Cons

Creating a video with pictory is Super Easy.

  • The next step is to add some music and you may also use voice-over feature.

·  Next step is to preview your video. In this step, you may change the speed of your video.

·  ·  Add a logo to your video for branding.

·  ·  Finally your video is ready.

How was my experience using pictory (Pictory ai)?

My experience was awesome. I was always searching for any platform or application which can convert my articles into video and finally I found pictory ai (Pictory ). Then I realized how much easy it is to create high-quality videos without knowing to edit. I just watch video tutorials in my early days of using pictory. Its all features are so simple and with time i was getting used to it. After a few days I was a professional video creator.

What you will get with pictory Pictory ai?

  1. Free Video Stock
  2. Access to 790,000 premium video clips with pictory account.
  3. Video Traffic blueprint pack
  4. Pictory’s exclusive traffic pack can generate up to 7 million views.
  5. Ebook:21 ways to find clients
  6. Create a video agency and find clients easily.
  7. Ebooks: Smartphone camera tips
  8. Pictory guide and tips for recording professional videos with your smartphone.
  9. YouTube Seo Cheat Sheet

If you are new to pictory then probably you are searching how to download vidnani is not downloadable, It is a web-based application. You can only access pictory through pictory dashboard by logging into it. If you have never heard before about pictory then i will recomend you get the free trial and explore pictory.


I am using this application for the last 2 years and i noticed that noble samurai is continuously upgrading pictory with latest AI technology.Pictory clip selection is like magic. You can choose other clips but pictory’s choice is not bad now. In this pictory review, i will rate pictory 4.5 out of 5.


Can we use pictory videos to get monetized on YouTube?

The answer is a Big YES…

There is an authority channel on YouTube named natural cures. That channel has created all the videos using pictory app and have more than 3 million subscribers.

Thousands of people are using pictory to generate handsome income from youtube. Although pictory is a platform that combines the other platforms together. Before I was using other video editing software and to use royalty-free videos and music tracks to combine them to generate videos, it was time taking but now it has become super-fast to create stunning videos.

YouTube is suspending channels with auto generated videos according to AdSense content policy?

AdSense content policy clearly defines that you cannot use other websites’ articles and convert them into video. You may use few text from one website article but you have to write your own article for video creation with pictory.

So that logic is totally wrong pictory videos are getting banned by YouTube. Only you have to work smartly. Just don’t work on copy-paste logic. Write your own scripts and convert them into stunning videos with pictory.

How to login to pictory app?

First, you have to sign up for pictory here

After signing up click the following link App.pictory.com

Enter your username and password to see pictory dashboard

Can I download pictory app?

Pictory is web-based application which means you cannot download it. Just log in to pictory app and use to create videos online.

How to get YouTube thumbnails PSD files after purchasing pictory?

Purchase pictory here

Then just email me with the screenshot of your purchase and I will send you the 100 youtube thumbnails for your channel to grow faster.

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