Start Your Youtube Channel in 1 Day Using Pictory ai

In this article i am going to reveal that how you can start your youtube channel in just 1 day using Pictory.Formerly Content Samurai.Vidnami is great tool to grow your business or to offer services on freelance platforms.With Pictory you can Start your channel from day one without having expensive camera and video editing skills.

Steps To Start Youtube Channel in 1 Day Using Pictory.

  1. Select a Niche and make sure it has Products
  2. Your niche must have affiliate program
  3. Join the affiliate programs
  4. Now start Making your Videos using Pictory
  5. Upload your videos on youtube and also post your affiliate links in Video Description
  6. Create at least 30 videos to uplaod on youtube

This is how you can start earning from youtube from day 1.For youtube monetization you have to wait for months but this way you can start earning from day one.

Why Pictory is Best for Affiliate Videos?

Pictory has thousands of royalty free images and videos from story blocks.Pictory ai analysis your text and selects the images or videos accordingly.By using Pictory you can make video with few minutes and the amazing thing is you do not need editing skills.


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