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Pictory is an online video sharing platform that allows users to create and share videos with friends and family. Pictory is similar to Vidnami in that it allows users to create, share, and manage their videos online. However, Pictory has several advantages over Vidnami. For one, Pictory is free to use. Additionally, Pictory is more user-friendly, allowing users to create and manage their videos with ease. Lastly, Pictory offers more features than Vidnami, such as the ability to add music and effects to videos. Overall, Pictory is a great alternative to Vidnami.

Pictory is best alternative to vidnami beacuse it uses the same technology to create videos Pictory is also better because you can add music and effects to your videos and it's free to use.

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Pictory is an online photo editor that offers a variety of subscription plans. Their annual plan offers savings of 55% off the regular price using pictory promo code MALIK, and their monthly plan offers savings of 20% off the regular price using promo code MALIK. These savings can be combined, so if you purchase the annual plan and then decide to switch to a monthly plan, you would still be saving money. Pictory is a great online video editor that offers a variety of subscription plans and great savings.

More About Pictory

Pictory is a powerful AI-powered tool that allows users to easily create and edit videos using a range of advanced features. One of the standout features of Pictory is the ability to add text to your videos, which can be used to create captions, subtitles, or other types of on-screen text.

With Pictory, you can also easily add voice overs to your videos using the auto voice over feature. This feature uses AI to generate a voiceover for your video based on the script you provide. This can be a great time-saver for those who don't have the time or resources to record a professional voiceover.

In addition to its text and voice over features, Pictory also offers a “script to video” feature, which allows users to turn written articles or scripts into fully-produced videos. This can be a great way to repurpose written content for a new audience or to create engaging video content quickly and easily.

Overall, Pictory is a versatile and powerful tool that allows users to easily create and edit videos using a range of advanced features. Whether you're looking to add text or voice overs to your videos, or you want to turn a written article or script into a video, Pictory has you covered. So, if you want to create professional-quality videos quickly and easily, Pictory is definitely worth checking out.