Pictory Coupon Code | April 2022| save 55% Off on annual & 20% Off on Monthly Plans

Pictory Ai is revolutionary app and great alternative to vidnami it acquired by Godaddy. For vidnami users this is the best app to consider. Before you plan to buy use this exlusive coupon code which will give you special discounts on pictory subscriptions.

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annual plan
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Pictory Coupon Code (MALIK) For 20% off on Monthly Plans

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Monthly Plan

Pictory Ai using the same technology by vidnami to convert articles into great videos.

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Pictory uses AI technology to scroll the provided text and automatically selects the videos and photos. One this process is completed the choose what design of text animation on video you want to show your viewers. There are four type of text animations. Pictory has more than 6 million royalty free media.You can choose the royalty free music from the library or you can also voice over your video. Either you can upload voice over or you can use the built in text to speech voice over which is cool.

Pictory Discount Code (Save 55%)

Pictory offers free trial for all users. However you love using pictory and you want to carry on making stunning videos then you have to buy pictory subscription which comes with monthly and yearly basis.

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Pictory coupon code

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pictory lifetime deal alternative

Pictory Pricing after Applying Discount Code: MALIK

Pictory is offering three plans which are standard premium and enterprize plan. In this table you can compare the prices after applying the coupon code.

Pictory Pricing after Using Coupon CodeStandardPremiumFree Trial
Monthly Subscription$29$59$0
Discount Using Promo Code MALIK$5.8$11.8$0
Discounted Monthly Subscription 20%$23.2$47.2$0
Yearly Subscription (12 Months)$228$468$0
Discount Using Promo Code MALIK$45.6$93.6$0
Discounted Yearly Subscription 55%$182.4$374.4$0
Pictory Pricing Table After Applying Coupon Code

Pictory Alternatives with Lifetime Deals 2022

Alternative NamePrice
Vidtoon 2 Lifetime Deal$49
FlexClip $49 for Lifetime$49
Invideo.io (Personal Favorite)N/A
Vidjuice in Just for lifetime$49
VidScribe Lifetime Deal$49

Pictory Free Trial

Pictory Pricing

Pictory Login

Vidnami Alternative

Pictory Alternative

Checkout All Pictory Alternatives with lifetime deal on Appsumo

Pictory Lifetime Deal on Appsumo in Just $59

Pictory announced a great lifetime deal on appsumo and within fist 1 hour it got more than 150 sales. The reviews on appsumo are very positive towards pictory hands on experience.

Note:Pictory ai lifetime deal has been sold out. Now you have to buy pictory on monthly or yearly subscription. With this pictory coupon code you can save upto 53% . Pictory also announces mega deals. For mega yearly deals Use pictory coupon code “MALIK50” to save upto 83% on yearly plan.

Checkout Pictory Lifetime Deal $59 on Appsumo

More About Pictory Ai and Appsumo LTD Lifetime Deal

Pictory is making content creation, marketing, and repurposing easier with its AI technology.Pictory is an amazing software tool that allows you to create social videos quickly from long-form articles.

AI will determine the most important points in your article and compile them into a shareable video you can post immediately on your website, blog, or social media accounts.

The best part is that you can embed your business branding in your videos, so people can see how strong it is.Transcripts can be created from any video so that you can reuse them in whatever way you like.Your videos, podcasts and webinars can be turned into articles or short clips, which you can post to any platform.

Pictory allows you to stay current and engage with your customers today.Pictory’s lifetime deal on Appsumo has been welcomed warmly by Sumolings, giving it a rating of 5 stars with 165 reviews!

We recommend a Tier 2 plan if you are a content marketing agency, team, or business looking to increase their ability to publish content on your website or social media channels. You’ll have more than enough credits to create videos and transcripts for many projects each month. Hootsuite integration will also be available to you, which will make publishing and planning content easier.

Tier 1 is good enough if your team doesn’t produce content in large quantities. Pictory’s lifetime offer is a great deal with all its features and solutions.

What is included in Pictory Lifetime Deal ?

The pictory lifetime deal is awesome because it offers all the features of  premium plan.Pictory lifetime deal is devided into three tiers.

Vidnami Alternative

Pictory is great vidnami alternative. It offers the same functionality with different layout. Behind the scene mechnism is almost same only you can see a unique layout.If you are youtuber and looking for vidnami alternative then i will suggest you to checkout pictory. It will fulfill your needs until vidnami will be back after integration with Godaddy studio. By the end of 2021 the integration of vidnami with godaddy will come to an end.

Pictory Tier 1 One Time Purchase of $59.00 $588.00

All features above included

30 projects per month

60 minutes of video per upload (for editing)

1GB video file size per upload (for editing)

10 hours of video transcription per month

No Pictory branding

All Premium Plan Features


Pictory Tier 1 One Time Purchase of $59 $588


All features above included

60 projects per month

90 minutes of video per upload (for editing)

2GB video file size per upload (for editing)

50 hours of video transcription per month

No Pictory branding

Bulk download short video posts as CSV


Pictory Tier 2 One Time Purchase of $119 $1176


All features above included

Unlimited projects per month

180 minutes of video per upload (for editing)

5GB video file size per upload (for editing)

100 hours of video transcription per month

No Pictory branding

Bulk download short video posts as CSV

Integration with Hootsuite


Pictory lifetime deal on Appsumo


Does Pictory Lifetime Deal Users get future updates?

Yes! The users who have purchased pictory with lifetime deal,they will get future updates according to tier.


Pictory was primarily purchased to turn my written content into video. I love Pictory “text to video” feature. It allows to upload your own images and record your voice. It’s easy to use and will it better. It allows you edit videos by simply editing text. This is amazing! It is highly recommended if looking for fast and easy way to include more video in content creation process.

Sometimes, the images chosen to match the text weren’t always the best. I swapped the images for new ones.Would love to see more images/videos in the library.

The most significant benefit seen this ability to repurpose writing content – for Instagram captions and blog snippets – into short videos. The videos for Instagram stories, but used for YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Writing blogs and captions is time-consuming task. Why not make videos your written content to increase its lifespan? Here’s where the attention should be.