Must Read Before Pictory AI Group Buy

Pictory AI is a great tool for online video making. You can get awesome short videos in a few clicks with Artificial Intelligence-based SaaS programme. This has replaced vidnami. Vidnami was once sold by users as a group buy service. I don't know why vidnami does not crack down the group buy-based services but pictory is very strict when it comes to terms and conditions of using it.

Why Not Go For Pictory Group Buy

Pictory has its official community group for discussion. Here is what I found in Pictory official Facebook group when someone tried to spam with unlimited video creation which violates pictory terms and conditions.

Pictory group buy
pictory group buy

What is Solution For Pictory AI Group Buy?

Here is the solution. Pictory Annual plan comes with Free 2 Months and reduced price as compared to the monthly price. For example, Pictory's standard plan is Priced $23/Mo While on the annual plan it is $19/mo plus TWO Months FREE. Here is the best part, You can Save more than 20% on any subscription using coupon code MALIK. So compared to the monthly price of $23 you will get the same plan for Approx $12.

Break Down of Pictory Pricing With Maximum Discount

Here is the breakdown of using the Pictory discount code

Pictory Ai Standard Plan Price 12 Months (You will get access for 14 Months)$228
Discount 1: Two Months Free Worth of $38-$38
Discount 2: Save 20% on All Plans Using Coupon Code (MALIK)-$46
Final Price After both Discounts$144
Since you will be using Pictory for 14 Months so It will cost you $12/Month ($144/12=$12)$12

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