Make Money With Vidnami-How I Got Monetized on YouTube With Vidnami

Success Story of a Pictory ai User Who Got Monetized and Earning Money online With Pictory

Hello everyone, I am posting in this group after long time. But today I want to share my success with you. I started my YouTube channel more than a year ago which is completely based on Pictory.videos with auto voice. At the beginning I upload a lot of videos consistently but didn’t got any views but still I was consistent and upload one video every day for about 4 months and after that I was so busy in other stuff so I didn’t upload any video for about 6 months. But when I show my analytics after 6 months and I shocked.
My channel got monetized and I got 2.4k subscribers , 3.1 million impressions with 8.5% CTR which is awesome as you can see in the pictures. so with my experience with YouTube I can say that if you want to grow on YouTube then
  1. You need to be consistent even if you will not get more views at the beginning.
  2. For those who don’t want to show their face on YouTube then Vidnami is a great software to start.
  3. Most of the people are confused that YouTube will not monetize their videos if they have a robotic voice so that is not true. All of my videos in this channel have a robotic voice and YouTube monetized my channel.
I hope this post will motivate some new youtubers who didn’t got any success yet. Thanks.

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