How to Summarize a YouTube Video Using Pictory Ai

Pictory AI is software that can help you summarize a YouTube video in an easy-to-understand way. By using Pictory AI, you can (−) separate important information from the rest of the video, (+) add new details, and (+) make your video more visually appealing. With Pictory AI, you can easily create a summary that is both informative and helpful. In fact, Pictory AI is a powerful tool that will help you to create an informative and useful summary of your videos.

This is a step-by-step guide that will help you summarize a video quickly and easily. Using Pictory AI, you can create a summarized version of the video that accurately reflects the content and context of the video.

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Automatically Summarize Long Videos With Pictory Ai

You can automatically summarize long YouTube videos using Pictory Ai cutting-edge technology.

1: Upload And Transcribe YouTube Video

With Pictory, you can upload your videos and have them transcribed automatically by the AI engine. This makes it easier for you to keep track of what is being said in your videos and helps you to improve their quality.

transcribe of YouTube video

2: Auto Summarize and Customize Your Video

Pictory AI, cloud-based text analysis and summarization service will automatically analyse your text and suggest key points to be included in your summary video. With Pictory, you can easily customise what is included in your video by adding or deleting sentences with the provided function. Pictory also offers an extensive range of features, such as highlighting and categorising content, which makes it the perfect tool for summarising texts.

3: Branding Part

In this step, you will add your logo to your captions and customize the colours and fonts of your text.


You have successfully summarized your video. Now you can save and share your video.

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