How to Grow On YouTube Shorts using Vidnami-Get More Views and Subscribers

2021 is the era of short videos.Just few days ago vidnami introduced vertical video feature which is very cool.Now you can create vertical videos using vidnami.You also know about Youtube shorts.It is like tiktok videos and the good news is YouTube is also monetizing short videos. Believe me short videos are getting tons of views and gaining more subscribers.

Make Money Making Youtube Short Videos With Vidnami

Steps Involving making money with short videos:

  1. Select a Niche
  2. Create YouTube Channel
  3. Draft the idea for at least 30 videos
  4. write a short script for these 30 videos
  5. script or article should be at least 300 words
  6. Now paste the script one by one in vidnami and let the vidnami create outstanding videos for you
  7. Download the videos and upload on Youtube with proper Title description and tags

Thats it.You are on the way to be a authority channel on Youtube.

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